13. Swiss Didgeridoo Festival 2017

The Swizz didgeridoo festival features concerts, workshops, market stalls und catering at the “Wörkshophus” in Bern.

Once again in 2017, national and international top-class acts and new coming artists and bands will be performing at the Swizz didgeridoo festival “Swizzeridoo”.

The “Swizzeridoo” festival runs for three days and provides space and opportunity for concerts and workshops, delicious foods (including vegetarian) and a market for instruments and
13. Swizzeridoo 2017more. The entrance to the market is free.

Various didgeridoo workshops are held on saturday and sunday. The workshops can be booked separately and accessed without a festival ticket.

The peaceful atmosphere at the “Swizzeridoo” in Bern awaits you! To be safe from the weather, the event takes place indoors.

Children up to 14 years accompanied by an adult do not pay an entrance fee.

RollstuhlThe premises including restrooms can be accessed by wheelchair.




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