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To keep the waste under control we’d kindly ask for you support.

Please take care about the following:

  • Dispose of waste into the bin provided for this purpose.
  • If you buy drinks from the bar, please return glasses and bottles there.
  • Please leave cigarette ends in the ashtray, not on the ground. (Smoking is absolutely prohibited in the building!)
  • Don’t throw waste to the ground or to the neighbors



Toilets are at hand. People found relieving themselves somewhere else around the house are not welcome and will be expelled from the premises.



Serving of alcohol to youths

Consumption of any alcohol is strictly forbidden for children or adolescents under the age of 16. Consumption of spirits or mixed drinks with spirits is forbidden for adolescents under the age of 18. The personal is advised to check ID’s and refuse the sale if in doubt.


The festival is accessible by wheelchair. A toilet for disabled people is available.

Ear protection

Ear plugs for the reduction of noise level are available at the entry for free.

Wardrobe and luggage deposit

There is NO guarded wardrobe or luggage deposit on site!


Tickets at the festival entry as well as catering can be paid in Swizz Francs (CHF) only. The owners of market stalls are free to choose the handling for themselves, there are no restrictions on the part of the organizers.

Emergency Call

In case of emergency the organization committee will be available during the festival period by the following number:

+41 79 429 02 14
(leave a message in all cases!!)


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