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Prices Early-bird tickets (Limited till 30.06.18 or as long as stock)
Single-day ticket Early-bird Fryday CHF 31.00
Single-day ticket Early-bird Saturday CHF 41.00
Single-day ticket Early-bird Sunday CHF 26.00
3-days festival-pass Early-bird 3 days CHF 89.00
Pre-sale (from 01.07.18 - 31.08.18)
Single-day ticket pre-sale Fryday CHF 35.00
Single-day ticket pre-sale Saturday CHF 45.00
Single-day ticket pre-sale Sunday CHF 30.00
3-days festival-pass pre-sale 3 days CHF 95.00
Tickets at the box-office
Single-day ticket (Office box) Fryday CHF 39.00
Single-day ticket (Office box) Saturday CHF 49.00
Single-day ticket (Office box) Sunday CHF 34.00
3-days festival-pass (Office box) 3 days CHF 99.00

Free entrance for children under 14.
On request, please verify your age with an appropriate ID.

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